Monte Carlo Simulator – Google Sheets

A simple Monte Carlo simulator I compiled using Google Sheets standard formulae.

Project Burnup MC Simulator – Google Sheets

A project burnup Monte Carlo simulator that provides a forecast burnup based on TP data for a given backlog.

Project Burndown Simulator With Time-based and Scale-based Delays

A simulator that takes into consideration different impacts on a project’s burndown of time-based delays and scale-based delays based on settings s.a project complexity. This simulator so far only runs 200 simulations (of maximum of 56 weeks), since I am facing performance limits to Google Spreadsheets.

Projects on GitHub

Data Aggregator for Lean Metrics

A Node.js server that connects to a Jira instance to collect cycle-time related data.


Introducing the Decision Espresso

In this article I share with the world a workshop framework that I have co-created together with Antony Nizamoglou. This framework is useful for teams that need alignment, or that require some more clarity on ideas and decisions. When used in-tandem with Design Sprints, whether as a preamble or as a kick-start to an Iteration Sprint, the Decision Espresso has proved itself to be a simple yet highly effective tool.

Link to article.

Scaling Orgnisations – Consider Not To (1)

In this article I share my ideas regarding the implications of scaling when an organisation is not prepared for it yet. This article was chosen in the Best Agile Articles of 2020.

Link to article.

From Story Points to Slam Dunks – Planning for Success

In this article I present an alternative method for estimating in teams that is based on team confidence. With Slam Dunks, teams are encouraged to share concerns on clarity, knowledge, skills, dependencies – bringing back conversation to the estimation process.

(P.S. The guy in the picture is not me!)

Link to article.

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POPCORN Flow Session – BayALN 2021-05-18 Talk

I was invited by Bay Area Agile Leadership Network to share my experiences using POPCORN Flow.

POPCORN Flow Session – BayALN 2021-05-18

Link to slides.

POPCORN Exercise Sheet – BayALN 2021-05-18

Link to sheet.

Mural Board Templates

POPCORN Flow Mural Template

I prepared a Mural Template for POPCORN Flow, which you can find here.

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