About Me

Hi there! I am Matthew Croker and I’m a Team Process and Data Coach. With a software development background and a competitive track and field spirit, I’m all about making work fun and effective.

Think of me as the ultimate teammate, blending the digital world with the lightning-fast energy of athletics. My mission? To help organizations thrive by optimizing teamwork and harnessing the power of data.

Let’s break down barriers, streamline workflows, and transform complex data into actionable insights.

Ready to embrace a winning mindset and soar to new heights? Let’s team up and make work feel like a joyful adventure. Lace up those virtual shoes, and let’s sprint towards success together!

Let’s Connect!

I am looking to build a vibrant community of like-minded people in search for knowledge sharing. I also want to know how I can help you in your organizational challenges.

I promise I will not spam you!