Matthew Croker

Since I learned how to do programming as a child, I grew up appreciating the power and speed with which computers can automate our daily struggles. I have studied and graduated in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, worked in the industry and then went back to study more about humanity and its creative and performative aspect in my Masters in the Science of Performative Creativity.

I have worked as a software developer, then moved along a path of leadership through Scrum Mastery and Agile Coaching.

Throughout my experience in the IT industry I have learned that time is often seen as the biggest evil. “How long will this take?” “When will you be able to deliver it?” – are questions which bring stomach ulcers to any developer who wants to do a good job, and to any project manager who wants to communicate delivery dates with clients.

Truth is time is neither evil nor good, and for us humans it is just a matter of learning how to live with it peacefully. In this spirit I have often used my leadership roles to study ways how to alleviate this burden from everyone, and look at what we can learn about our future from historical data. The true power exerted by this practice is the instigation of discussion and conversation about future options, which is way more effective than a tombola of unfounded numbers and dates we often call “estimates”.

In my varous jobs and roles I have witnessed countless, endless meetings which often lead to dead ends, with the only winners being fatigue and disappointment. This is why I have co-created the Decision Espresso – a combination of various workshop facilitation techniques aimed at helping a group of people decide upon an action plan in just 3 hours.

I am interested in any collaboration which aims at fostering an environment of collaboration, comradery and a desire for action and experimentation. If this is something you need or something you would like to do, please reach out.

Let’s build something great together!

If you believe that with my collaboration I can help you build your creative idea, improve your working environment or help you and your team do great things together, please do get in touch!

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